The Oasis Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain is designed for public places and high traffic areas requiring the least maintenance. It is ideally suited for schools & colleges, hospitals & clinics, airports & malls, metro stations, BPOs & factories, temple complexes, community parks, and archaeological monuments,etc.It provides water that is free from impurities and is healthy, safe and convenient to use. The fountain effectively eliminates the need to buy bottled drinking water, reducing plastic waste by up to 95%. The Oasis Drinking Water Fountain is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and has a lead-free waterway with a built-in 100-micron strainer that prevents particles from entering the waterway. The fountain complies with ANSI/NSF 61, international plumbing code, ADA & UL standards. it provides the ultimate protection from the vagaries of nature & human intolerance. Enjoy hydro-active refreshment with our wide range of Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains. The innovative design and contemporary construction of our Drinking Water Fountains help set new standards for quality, durability and reliability in their class. We at OASIS have always believed in providing our customers with products that inspire confidence, give them peace of mind, and enhance their lives. Oasis has been the Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain Manufacturer worldwide since 1910. We offer a wide range of drinking water fountains with different styles, materials and designs to meet the needs of our customers. Our water fountains feature a durable stainless steel construction, are easy to maintain and come in multiple sizes to meet your budget. If you would like to purchase an Oasis Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain or have questions regarding our products please feel free to contact us at: +91-9990210500