In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) created a set of 17 interlinked global goals, known as "The Sustainable Development Goals". These SDGs were aimed to achieve "a better and more sustainable future for all" by 2030.

Learn more about how we are playing our part in a more sustainable future.

Clean Water and Sanitation

OASIS products provide the universal opportunity to have easy access to safe water, be it at home or in a public setting. Our aim is to be at the forefront of hydrating the public in the most sustainable manner.

  • OASIS has developed solutions for greater sanitation, like our Contactless Water Activation and Freshield (our antimicrobial plastic).

  • Our units have been designed with east of sanitisation in mind: This can be seen in our Removable Reservoir range.

  • We go that extra mile for clean water. Choose from a range of Green Filters to deal with your water quality issue and provide purified hydrating water.

  • The only true point-of-dispense UVC-LED Quasar means water is purified after travelling through pipes, allowing no time for pathogens to enter your glass as 99.99% of pathogens are killed.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Installing an OASIS unit in our offices, gyms, shopping centres, stadiums, and transportation depots not only helps sustain the health and well-being of our community but drives the incentive to choose sustainable options, such as refilling sports bottles. OASIS bottled water coolers and Mains-fed coolers are now officially all Ecoolers, meaning they are using the eco-friendly refrigerant R600a, saving approximately c. 990 Tonnes of CO₂ emissions every year!

Good Health and Well-being

As humans, we thrive on being fully hydrated. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water and the human body is approximately 60% water. When you become dehydrated, a shift in cognitive behaviour and physical decline takes place. This is why we have provided water friendly solutions to combat the symptoms of dehydration. Designed for multi-market purposes, our products can be found in schools, train stations, malls, fitness centres, hospitals and even your own home!

Public hydration is essential to OASIS. We combat modern day cross-contamination fears with contactless options, and provide the cleanest water with our Green Filter and UVC solutions, such as the Ultra BluV and Quasar UVC-LED.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Throughout our iterative R&D process, OASIS continues to strive for new and better measures to improve the manufacturing process and to ensure the product lifecycle as efficient and environmentally as possible. Some achievements include:

  • By reducing the cabinet weight of the Skye unit by 907g, we have saved over 50 tonnes of plastic manufacturing since 2019! That is the same amount of carbon sequestered by 2,977 acres of forests in one year!

  • Since 2019, the Green Filter has saved over 70 tonnes of plastic waste. That is the equivalent of 28 elephants!

  • Since 2019, our Mains-Fed units have saved 1,700,000 plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill

  • Since 2019, our bottle fillers have saved more than 175 million plastic bottles from the landfill. This equates to 113 bottles every minute since the beginning of 2019!

  • Shifting refrigerant from R134a to R600a or R290 will save c. 990 Tonnes of CO₂ emissions annually!