Long-lasting Modular System

OASIS offers reservoir-based bottled water coolers and POU coolers using both the iconic REMOVABLE RESERVOIR (RR) cooling system with a modular design as well as traditional fixed stainless steel reservoirs.

The self-supporting cooler chassis can be quickly and easily removed from the cabinet to simplify the maintenance and servicing process. The REMOVABLE RESERVOIR system simplifies the sanitization process. Just replace the water contact parts with pre-sanitised components. It requires no replacement of disposable parts or use of messy chemicals at your customer site.

An "inside-out" cooling probe design is also used throughout the entire range of RR coolers, ensuring a more efficient cooling method, conserving energy and eliminating condensation within the cooler.


All OASIS reservoir coolers use a dual-float system to control the water flow into the reservoir. The primary float will close, shutting off the water supply to the reservoir, as the water level inside the reservoir rises. When water is dispensed from the cooler, the primary float will open, allowing the reservoir to refill.

If the primary float should fail to shut off the water supply for any reason, then as the water level continues to rise, the back up float will actuate and shut off the water supply. The additional security of the back up float minimises the risk of water leaks.