Over a third of students say they do not have a refill station for their water bottles when they need it most.* Be the Educator that cares; make the change by providing them with an OASIS hydration station!


Keep pathogens at bay!

Choose from our contactless range to avoid cross-contamination. For additional safety, our antimicrobial silver and copper surfaces are ideal to protect kids who love to feel the world around them!

Filtration and Disinfection for the safest drinking water!

54% of students are concerned over their local drinking water. It’s no wonder, with the growing awareness of high levels of carcinogenic substances such as, PFAS and THM’s in our drinking water. Our survey says 93% of concerned students would be more confident if their water system had a filter and UVC LED.* Instill your students with confidence and protect your drinking water with filtration, and point-of-dispense disinfection. green filter’s remedi will filter harmful chemicals that may be lurking in your local water supply, while QUASAR will kill 99.99% of potential pathogens instantly. Choose from the green filter range or our QUASAR UVC LED. Or why not choose both to reinforce your confidence in the cleanest and safest drinking water for staff, students and children.


Today's students demand alternative solutions for an environmentally friendly environment. Responsible choices, particularly when it comes to our water resources is a major area of concern.

With an OASIS hydration station, we:

  • PROMOTE sustainable use of water

  • INCREASE use of reusable water bottles (with a bottle counter incorporated in our electronic bottle fillers)

  • SUSTAINABLE use of power to cool drinking water, and green filters to purify it - in turn saving money.

(*Survey conducted on European Market 2020)

Recommended Models

OASIS products are versatile to accommodate to your specific needs.

Our units are also available in:

  • Refrigerated/Non-Refrigerated

  • Vandal Resistant

  • Single-level/ Bi-Level

  • Contactless/Manual activation

OASIS products are versatile to accommodate to your specific needs.

For the safest water choose to have our units fitted with QUASAR UVC-LED & green filters. CLICK HERE to browse our full range, or LEAVE US A MESSAGE for a customized solution to your needs!